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Bridget Condlin  Could be a Sister to Andrew Condlin,

this is a great book on the Tiernan, Duffy, Condlin Family For the Grass of a Cow, Marion Veronica Tiernan

Andrew Condlin born 1794 in Ireland, (County Meath?), died December 31. 1861 in Waddington, St. Lawrence County., New York, USA, Immigrated to USA Probably via Port of Montreal, about 1826, Naturalization 1832, Last Will and Testament,



Andrew Condlin, born 1794 in Ireland , died December 31. 1861 Gravestone Last Will and Testament
It is said that he came to the United States in 1826 probably from County Meath, Ireland 
I have been told that he became an American Citizen in 1832.
His Burial Site is on the Old Catholic Cemetery - Waddington, St. Lawrence County N.Y., USA
Land Transactions of Andrew Condlin
Andrew Condlin’s first land transaction of 38 & 18 hundredths acres for the sum of $190.90 takes place in the Town of Madrid, Mile Square 24, on 22 January 1841. This area later became the Town of Waddington. Andrew makes his mark (X) as he can neither read or write. The clerk who recorded the transaction spelled his name Conglin. The seller was Joshua Wadington. Andrew’s second purchase on 28 September 1854 from Walter & Ann Wilson for 31 & 10 hundredths acres for $340 was also in Mile Square 24. This piece of property a joins Andrew’s first purchase.
On the 10 March 1855 Andrew gave all his property in mile square 24, some 70 acres to his son, Bartholomew, who in return was to look after Andrew & Julia Condlin if they so wanted or Barth must pay the sum of $200 a year if they lived with someone else. In either case the son must pay $20 a year spending money = 4 equal payments of $5. Thomas Hughes witnessed the marks (X) of both Andrew & Bartholomew. This indenture was signed 28 May 1855.
A second indenture was made on the 22 July 1856. Bartholomew returns the 70 acres of land back to his father for $1.00. Bartholomew’s made his mark which was witnessed by Edward Crary. The clerk who recorded both transactions spelled the name Condlin.
Andrew made an additional purchase on 22 July 1856 of 33 & 43 hundredths acres in Mile Square 23 for $200 from William Waddington & Jeremiah Van Rensselaer of New York.
A year later on 17 September 1857 Andrew purchased 53 & eight hundredths acres from Ed McVicker in Mile Square 7 in the Town of Louisville for $200. The land in Mile Square 7 is on the border with Waddington. This is where James Condlin, Andrew’s first born settled .
The Will of Andrew Condlin
The will of Andrew Condlin, Town of Waddington, was signed and his mark made on 20 November 1861. He died shortly thereafter on 31 December 1861 and the Will was recorded in St . Lawrence County Clerk’s Office on 29 July 1862. The clerk who recorded the Will of Andrew Condlin spelled his name Conlin. The will makes reference to his wife Julia who must be provided for during the rest of her natural life, his daughter, Margaret McKenna, wife of James McKenna, his sons, James & Patrick of Louisville, Bartholomew of Madrid, and his minor children at home, Bridget & Andrew. Edward McKing of Gouverneur was appointed special guardian of Bridget & Andrew. The property was to be left to Andrew when he reached full age. Although from census records of this time period it would appear that both Bridget and Andrew were at least 21 years of age. Patrick Condlin was to receive property along the Franklin Road, plus one cow, one heifer, and one mare.
Patrick Duffy, brother of Julie Duffy Condlin, was appointed executor of Andrew Condlin’s Will. Patrick Duffy lived not far from the Condlins with his father, Patrick Duffy. As the executor of the Will, he appointed James Martin and Owen Mallen as appraisers of Andrew Condlin estate. They in turn did an inventory of Andrew’s possessions - house & farm. The inventory was completed by 25 November 1862 and it is included to show the individual items on hand in the home and on the farm and their respective value. It gives us a picture of what our ancestors possessed after thirty five years plus in the new world.
List of Notes and Accounts and other matters relating to the estate of Andrew Condlin,
deceased presented for appraisal.
Cash on hand none 1 sheep skin $1.00
Notes none 4 bushels-wheat damage 2.00
4 chairs $1.00 Quanity of lumber 20.00
1 bed & bedstead 10.00 12 tons of hay 144.00
1 bed & bedstead upstairs 15.00 1cutter 9.00
1 bed upstairs 6.00 2 buffaloe skins 10.00
5 quilts 20.00 lot of shingles 3.00
2 flannel sheets 8.00 1 plough 6.00
dishes 3.00 1 grind stone 1.00
20 milk pans 2.50 1 set of double harness 20.00
1 clock 2.00 1 six year old horse 85.00
1 lantern .37 1 double buggy 60.00
1 kitchen table .62 1 lumber wagon 30.00
1 bureau 20.00 40 bushels wheat 44.00
1 stand 1.50 140 bushels oats 44.80
1 looking glass .50 4 tons of straw 25.00
1 table in parlor 2.00 1 pig 3.00
75 bushels of potatoes 8.75 15 turkeys 6.00 1 wash tub .75 1 harrow 6.00 1 churn 1.50 1 pair of bob sleds 7.00 1 barrel of pork 10.00 1 sleigh 2.00 1 yearling heifer - white 6.00 1 spotted cow 16.00 3 calves 9.00 1 yearling bull 6.00 1 colt - 2 years old 55.00 1 red cow 15.00 1 mare - ten years old 65.00 1 gray heifer - 3 yrs. 12.00 1 sheep 3.00 1 black heifer-2 yrs. 10.00 1 heifer - 2 years old 8.00 1 broken horn cow 12.00
Total Amount = $873.29