Last Will and Testament of Andrew Condlin, born 1798, Part 1  
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In the Name of God Amen

I Andrew Conlin of the town of Waddington in the County of St. Lawrence

and State of New York, being mindful of my mortality, do make and Publish this my

last Will and Testament, in manners following , that is to say.

I give and devise to my oldest son Patrick Conlin, all that ….. …..

Estate in the ….. said town of Waddington on the southerly side of the highway

leading from the Franklin Road, near the so called Drew School House to Chase

Mills, and hundred ….. furlongs Easterly by the lands occupied by Peter Tiernan

Southerly and Easterly by lands lately in the position of Michael Drew and northerly

By the said highway, containing about thirty three acres more or less, and being

The same premises conveyed to me by Wallis Wilson and wife.

Also all that certain piece of parcelled land situated in the town of Waddington

A forward, lying ….. on the northerly side of the highway a forward, being part of a lot

of land, now belonging to me consisting of about thirty-one acres, lying next adjacent

the farm now owned and occupied by Christopher Fay. The lot hereby intended to be

devised, is the southerly part of said lot, consisting of about 31 acres, and runs back

far enough from said highway, to certain Ten acres.

to have and to hold to my said Son Patrick Conlin, his heirs and assigns forever.


I give and bequeath to the said Patrick Conlin one mare, one cow, and one heifer.


I hereby direct that the lands above devised to may said son Patrick Conlin

Shall be subject to, and charge all with the payment of the sum of one hundred

Dollars to my daughter Bridget Conlin. One half of said sum to be paid at the

end of one year, and the half sum in the years after my decease.


I give devise and bequeath all the residence of my Estate both real and personal

to my son Andrew Conlin, excluding the trading and feds heir in after mentioned

to have and to hold to my said son Andrew Conlin, all the real Estate devised

to him as a forward, be his heirs and assigns forever subject never the less to the payment of one

hundred dollars to be paid in due equal annual payments from the time of my decease

to my said daughter Bridget Conlin, which sum shall be chargeable upon said real

Estate. Subject also to the keeping and maintenance of my beloved wife Julia, during

the term of her natural life, at the homestead in said premises, with meat, drink,

clothing, medicine care and attendance, and all other things necessary and convenient

with the of home and comedies to church, if the said Julia shall choose to remain

on the said farm . But in case she shall ….. to have the said premises

my said son Andrew Conlin shall pay her an annuity of seventy dollars …..

during the term of her natural life, payable semi annuity. But the said …..

shall have her ….. to said premises and dwelling ,at all times. ….. …..

shall be ….. ….. when said


I give and bequeath to my daughter Bridget all my ….. and ……


I hereby Constitute and appoint Patrick Duffy sole Executer of…..

Will and Testament

In witness where of, I here set my hand and seal this …..

Ninth day of November , in the year of the lord on thousand eight hundred and sixty one

His sign X Andrew Conlin

The above Testament consisting of one sheet, was here subscribed

By Andrew Conlin the Estates, in the presence of each of us, and was at the same

Time declared by him to be his Last Will and Testament, and we at his request

Sign our names here to as attesting witness. The words " a year during the term

Natural life" and "this annuity shall be chargeable when said lands" …..

Before execution

Ch. C. Montgomery, residing at Waddington N. Y.

Thomas O’Brien Residing at Waddington N. Y.